My name is Matt, I am a web developer based in Austin TX. I got into web development because I've always enjoyed building things. As a kid, Legos were my favorite toy (I still play with them every once and a while), having the creative freedom to manipulate something as simple as a Lego brick into whatever your imagination could limit you to still intrigues me. Development is my outlet for creativity now and I am fortunate to get paid to do it.


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Latest Projects

Dribe is a vehicle leasing application built in React Native. Users are able to lease "Everyday" rides and accrue points that they can spend on Currently only available in Denmark, Dribe plans to expand to other parts of Europe

Mutual Mobile contracted me to help build the front end interface of Feature Unlock, an internal web application for AGCO (an agriculture / technology leader).

Northen Emeralds is an award winning, connoisseur-grade, cannabis grower. This website is built from the Shopify CMS, featuring an eCommerce section and Tumblr intigration.

In July 2016, the Apple Store app received a refresh. I was part of the Quality Assurance team that handled ensuring functionality and buy-ability of third party products. This involved using a simulator to visit 41 active app geolocations and taking products to cart. I was able to flex my skills of observation to detect errors in the app.

Jitters uses evidence-based exercises used in cognitive behavioral therapy to help retrain your fight or flight response. Track your progress with these exposures to gain insights into how far you've come and better communicate your progress with your doctors and therapists.